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October 18-19, 2018!

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Aw, snap! WooSesh 2018 was a blast!

You just missed WooSesh 2018. But fear not! The event was recorded and there are still many more good things to come. You can join our mailing list to catch all the details.

Here's what you can expect:


Get great, new ideas for building better WooCommerce stores from people who have successfully forged their own paths ahead of you. Maybe you'll be inspired to improve your shop, or maybe you'll get an idea for the next million-dollar shop.


The world is full of information (and misinformation). We've curated a list of excellent speakers who are delivering 16 high-quality presentations across 2 days. This means you'll get exactly the right information and actionable items without drowning in things you "have to do".


Our primary objective with WooSesh is to help you make measurable improvements to your store(s). After the conference is over we'll send you summaries and additional follow-ups to hear how you're doing and further help you succeed.


Photo of Beka Rice
Beka Rice, GoDaddy
Todd Wilkens
Todd Wilkens, WooCommerce
Photo of Chris Lema
Chris Lema, Liquid Web
Photo of Brent Shepherd
Brent Shepherd, Prospress
Photo of Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza, Grow Development
Photo of Bryce Adams
Bryce Adams, Metorik
Photo of Rebecca Gill
Rebecca Gill, emagine
Zach Stepek
Zach Stepek, Mindsize
Lindsey Miller
Lindsey Miller, Liquid Web
Cody Landefeld
Cody Landefeld, Mode Effect
Muhammad Muhsin
Muhammad Muhsin, rtCamp
Kelly Hoffman
Kelly Hoffman, WooCommerce
Chase Wiseman
Chase Wiseman, SkyVerge
Maddy Osman
Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith
Jason Cosper
Jason Cosper, Liquid Web
Shayda Torabi
Shayda Torabi, Maintainn


October 18: Store Builders

14:00 UTC Meet & Greet Say Hello!
14:30 UTC Opening Remarks Patrick Rauland & Brian Richards
15:00 UTC Keynote: The Past, Present, and Future of WooCommerce Todd Wilkins, Aviva Pinchas, & Kelly Hoffman
17:00 UTC Selling WooCommerce to Clients Chris Lema
18:00 UTC Maintaining a WooCommerce Website Shayda Torabi
19:00 UTC Break & Chat
20:00 UTC Ecommerce SEO Rebecca Gill
21:00 UTC Replatforming to WooCommerce Cody Landefeld
22:00 UTC Analytics & Reporting for WooCommerce Lindsey Miller
23:00 UTC Earn More with Better Copy Maddy Osman
00:00 UTC Closing Remarks Patrick Rauland & Brian Richards

October 19: Developers

14:00 UTC Meet & Greet Say Hello!
14:30 UTC Opening Remarks Patrick Rauland & Brian Richards
15:00 UTC eCommerce Speed Demon Zach Stepek
16:00 UTC Performance Testing for WooCommerce Jason Cosper
17:00 UTC Creating a WooCommerce Mobile App with React Native Muhammad Muhsin
18:00 UTC 10 Ways to Improve a WooCommerce Subscription Site Daniel Espinoza
19:00 UTC Break & Chat
20:00 UTC How to Build Quality WooCommerce Extensions Beka Rice
21:00 UTC Building Better User Experiences Chase Wiseman
22:00 UTC Building a SaaS around WooCommerce Bryce Adams
23:00 UTC Subscriptions, Automation, and more: AMA Brent Shepherd
24:00 UTC Closing Remarks Patrick Rauland & Brian Richards

Store Builder Topics
October 18, 2018

If you're building WooCommerce stores in any capacity, Day 1 is designed for you. The content included here covers important details of getting a store setup properly, improving your workflow, and preparing for ongoing success.

The Past, Present, and Future of WooCommerce
Todd Wilkins, Aviva Pinchas, & Kelly Hoffman

If you're looking for details about the direction for the world's largest eCommerce platform, look no further! You can hear them directly from some of the awesome people behind WooCommerce itself.

Throughout this session we'll hear about the impressive strides WooCommerce has taken, gain usage insight and success stories – backed by real numbers, and see how research is driving improvements to WooCommerce and user experience.

Afterwards, the Automattic staff will spend time answering your questions about the platform. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Selling WooCommerce to Clients
Chris Lema

You have a prospect who needs to sell goods or services online. What do you need to know in order to provide them the proper solution, and what do you then need to do and say to land them as a customer?

Chris Lema, VP of Product at Liquid Web, will teach you the dynamics of marinading in the problem space, understanding your prospect's needs, making an informed proposal to meet those needs, and ultimately build a hugely beneficial working relationship.

Maintaining a WooCommerce Website
Shayda Torabi

This session dives into all the different facets of successful, long-term maintenance of WooCommerce websites. Shayda is going to take you through the whys and hows of staging environments (beyond the surface level arguments, how to best leverage a staging environment and how to merge changes with production).

Shayda will also show you how to properly conduct maintenance, test your changes, and avoid common mistakes. By the end you'll be able to select the right tools as well as perform updates and changes safely and confidently.

eCommerce SEO
Rebecca Gill

Attract more customers, sell more products, and see outsized results in store growth. These are just a few of the benefits that come with improving your optimization strategy on a WooCommerce website.

Rebecca Gill will acquaint you with the basics of a successful SEO strategy, show you how and what to tweak for impact, and share additional resources for long-term growth and improvement.

Replatforming to WooCommerce
Cody Landefeld

You're working with a store that is already established on some other platform. We're not going to name names here, but it's one that worked well for the client for a few reasons and now doesn't for new and different reasons. Cody has a lot of experience helping site owners with complex migrations, and eCommerce sites are king in terms of complexity. In this session, Cody will share with you a checklist and routine you can follow to successfully estimate and migrate sites to WooCommerce.

Analytics & Reporting for WooCommerce
Lindsey Miller

Lindsey is a data nerd at heart and WooCommerce is a happy place to operate because there is so much different data to analyze and act upon.

If you want help collecting, quantifying, and making informed decisions with regards to WooCommerce sites, this is the talk for you. Lindsey will show you the right tools to use, the right questions to ask, and the next steps to take.

Earn More with Better Copy
Maddy Osman

Don't settle for the swipe copy a manufacturer sends you or a few haphazard sentences you wrote just to get the job done. Engaging product descriptions involve so much more than text—they incorporate SEO best practices, multimedia (not just static images!), and provide customers with answers to the questions they need in order to convert. Join Maddy Osman, SEO Content Strategist from the Blogsmith, in a session focused on creating engaging eCommerce product descriptions that actually convert.

Web Developer Topics
October 19, 2018

If you enjoy writing code, you're going to love Day 2. These sessions are all about coding, tooling, performance, and improvements. You'll probably benefit from the talks on Day 1 also, so check out those and plan your time accordingly.

eCommerce Speed Demon
Zach Stepek

In eCommerce, speed is your most important metric. Mere milliseconds can mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart, which could mean millions of dollars in lost sales. Zach has spent a good portion of the last four years in pursuit of page speed, exploring caching, virtual machines, hosting platforms, SSL negotiation time, CSS preprocessing, minification, inline styles and WooCommerce optimizations with the goal of sub-one second pageloads. In this session, Zach will show you the real-world results he has been able to achieve and how to replicate them yourself.

Performance Testing for WooCommerce
Jason Cosper

Having an ecommerce shop struggle and crash under traffic load is a very uncomfortable problem. It's painful, in particular, for two reasons – besides the obvious loss of revenue its causing. The first is because it's extremely difficult and expensive to try and solve the problem in the moment. The second is because it could have been prevented entirely by running a few tests.

Jason Cosper has a ton of experience when it comes to supporting high-traffic websites. In this presentation he will show you how to conduct realistic performance tests and avoid expensive downtime.

Creating a WooCommerce Mobile App with React Native
Muhammad Muhsin

WooCommerce (and WordPress, by extension) can serve as an excellent back-end platform for your next native app. In this session, Muhammad will walk you through the foundations for building mobile apps with React Native and WooCommerce and drill into specific examples with real code. In the end you'll have access to the same code used for his demo to get you started on building your own native app!

10 Ways to Improve a WooCommerce Subscriptions Site
Daniel Espinoza

No two subscription sites are the same. In fact, sometimes the needs of subscription products within a single site can vary widely.

Daniel specializes in supporting subscription sites with over $10MM in monthly revenue. He has built a number of custom extensions to support a variety of needs for subscription products. If you're working on a subscription site, or might in the future, come and learn several specific ways you can improve the entire process.

How to Build Quality WooCommerce Extensions
Beka Rice

Building a useful product is hard work. Building one that can withstand the test of time is even harder. How do you determine what to build, and just as importantly, what not to build? How do you create good feedback loops between customers, support, and development? What are the real problems you're solving and who are the real people who need your product? This presentation is designed to help you answer those questions and take the best path forward with your own plugins, even if your audience is a single client.
Beka Rice has spent several years creating extremely valuable extensions for WooCommerce with SkyVerge. She is the first to admit that she and her team have made a number of mistakes over the years and is here to teach you how to avoid making the same with your products.

Building Better User Experiences
Chase Wiseman

Developing a smooth customer and merchant experience is a real challenge when you start extending WooCommerce. At SkyVerge, Chase has helped build and support over 30 third-party integrations – to say he's learned a lot would be an understatement.

Listen to Chase as he shares the practices SkyVerge uses to ensure both the customer and merchant stay informed and happy throughout the entire experience.

Building a SaaS around WooCommerce
Bryce Adams

Creating something out of nothing is one of the spookiest parts of web development. Ideas can be easy to come by, but difficult to turn into a tangible products. How do you know that your idea is worth the time, energy, and financial resources that you’re going to use simply to create it? And once it’s created, how does it turn a profit?

Save yourself plenty of headaches and heartache by spending an hour with Bryce Adams. During this session Bryce will answer questions from the audience and talk through the many lessons that he has learned while building Metorik, the most robust reporting solution for WooCommerce.

Subscriptions, Automation, and more: AMA
Brent Shepherd

How much work have you done with subscriptions and recurring payments? Odds are pretty good that it's not as much time as Brent Shepherd, founder of Prospress, purveyors of the WC Subscriptions add-on.

Brent and team have spent a lot of time over these past many years building some advanced scheduling functionality for WordPress, integrating deeply with third-parties, as well as growing and managing distributed teams. More recently, Prospress has built a testing automation platform and acquired AutomateWoo to bring marketing automations into WooCommerce.

Bring your own questions to the table and help guide this conversation. Brent is ready for you to ask him anything!

Hallway Track

No good conference is complete without the opportunity to chat and network with your peers. WooSesh includes multiple built-in opportunities for you to connect with other attendees, talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe.


Virtual Swag

No, we won't have any stickers, pins, or t-shirts, but we will have plenty of useful gifts for every WooSesh attendee! We've made special arrangements with many awesome companies in the WordPress space to provide exclusive digital swag. Look for more details on some of the goodies later...


Thanks, WooCommerce!

Instead of paying $200 per ticket, this virtual conference is 100% free for you to attend because WooCommerce is picking up the tab. All you need to do is show up – either day – for at least one presentation and you can watch the entire event for free!

If you're not already using WooCommerce for your varied and nuanced ecommerce needs then you owe it to yourself to visit WooCommerce.com and see all that it has to offer. Then, come back and join us all on October 18 and 19 to learn how you can make it do even more!

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Who's behind this?

Photo of Brian Richards

Brian Richards

Brian is the creator of WPSessions.com and organizer behind WordSesh. Brian really enjoys helping teams and individuals advance their skills. Over the course of his 20-year career he has lead a number of high-performing development teams and trained even more. You should follow him on twitter as @rzen.

Photo of Patrick Rauland

Patrick Rauland

Patrick is an eCommerce Educator & Entrepreneur. He creates most of the eCommerce content on LinkedIn Learning, he's written numerous books on commerce, spent several years on the WooCommerce team, and helped organize every WooConf. Check him out on Twitter as @bftrick and peruse his programming blog at SpeakingInBytes.com.

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