WooSeshOct 10-12
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The Seshies!

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What is this?

We're excited to celebrate the extraordinary talent, innovation, and dedication that thrives within the WooCommerce community.

This awards ceremony is your opportunity to help us put the spotlight on exceptional WooCommerce stores, agencies, developers, and community advocates—to celebrate the very best that WooCommerce has to offer!

We have six prestigious award categories this year, each carefully crafted to honor different facets of excellence within the WooCommerce ecosystem.

Review the 2023 Winners!


Who can be nominated?

Anyone, so long as you complete a nomination form! Your nominations play a crucial role in acknowledging the best and the brightest in our community. And this is true whether you're nominating your own WooCommerce project or recognizing someone else's outstanding contributions.

Please take a few moments to fill out the form on the next page.

Your input is not just welcomed—it's essential!

How are winners selected?

In the final week prior to WooSesh, after we have collected all the nominations, we will publish the top three nominees in each category.

During this week, and throughout the first 2 days of WooSesh, you will be invited to vote for the nominee you think is most deserving of this year's award.

Where will winners be announced?

We will announce live, during the final recap on Day 03 of WooSesh. Afterwards we will publish them here for all to see and celebrate.

We hope you'll join us for all of WooSesh on October 10-12, and especially that you'll be part of the awards ceremony!

What does a winner get?

Winners, nominees, and honorable mentions will receive a digital badge that they can display on their own web properties.

Winners also receive a physical award shipped to their door, anywhere in the world.

Are there limitations on winning?

Not this year! A nominee could, theoretically, win a Seshie in multiple categories. Much like how a film or TV series can earn multiple awards in their respective awards ceremonies.

In future years, provided this remains well-recieved by the community, anyone who wins an award 3 times will receive a Lifetime Achievement award and be barred from winning in that category again to allow other noteworthy candidates a chance to shine.

Can sponsors win?

Absolutely! But only if they're nominated enough to rank in the top three candidates and then earn the majority of public votes in that category.

There is no way to buy a Seshie award. It will be purely coincidental if a WooSesh sponsor wins a Seshie award (though, not unsurprising given how selective we are in our sponsor partnerships).

But what about...

Look, this is something we're doing for fun to celebrate our community!

Quit stalling and vote for your favorites already!