A four-day virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders that will help grow your business.

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What's WooSesh?

WooSesh is a live, virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders. Each event is highly curated to provide you with the absolute best possible experience.

Every presenter has been hand-picked and each topic is selected to complement or build on the others.

Best yet, every presentation is recorded and published to WPSessions after the live event has ended. This means you can watch everything no matter when you're available.

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4 Days

24 Speakers

15 Sessions

6 Workshops

$799 Free!

Why attend WooSesh?

If you regularly work with WooCommerce in your business, there are several presentations at WooSesh for you.

We have curated a speaker and session line-up that is designed to help grow your business in the year ahead. From project scoping, to troubleshooting, to improving customer experience and site performance, the talks at WooSesh will help you do better work and be more effective with your time.

At WPSessions, we care deeply about helping good people do great things. This entire conference is an extension of that commitment. We hope that you'll join us. Let's do great things together!

Meet the Speakers

Say hello to our speakers for WooSesh 2021! You'll have a chance to meet each of them in the event's Slack channel.

Portrait of Adam Buckeridge
Adam Buckeridge, Crowd Favorite
Portrait of Allie Maupin
Allie Maupin, Trustpilot
Photo of Beka Rice
Beka Rice, GoDaddy
Portrait of Brittany Carbone
Brittany Carbone, Tonic
Portrait of Britni McCotter
Britni McCotter, WooCommerce
Portrait of Chris Lema
Chris Lema, LearnDash
Portrait of Christina Gwira
Christina Gwira, NOYADESIGNS
Portrait of Craig Cohen
Craig Cohen, WooCommerce
Portrait of CJ Avilla
CJ Avilla, Stripe
Photo of Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza, Grow Development
Portrait of David Levin
David Levin, WooCommerce
Portrait of Kathy Zant
Kathy Zant, Ninja Forms
Portrait of Lee Trotter
Lee Trotter, Bold Commerce
Portrait of Lindsay Halsey
Lindsay Halsey, Pathfinder SEO
Portrait of Marcus Burnette
Marcus Burnette, GoDaddy
Portrait of Mary Voelker
Mary Voelker, WooCommerce
Portrait of Matthew Hammond
Matthew Hammond, Avalara
Portrait of Meg MacCune
Meg MacCune, Trustpilot
Portrait of Muhammad Muhsin
Muhammad Muhsin, rtCamp
Portrait of Pat Ramsey
Pat Ramsey, Crowd Favorite
Portrait of Tiffany Bridge
Tiffany Bridge, Nexcess
Portrait of Tristan Miller-Dannelongue
Tristan Miller-Dannelongue, Klaviyo
Portrait of Val Geisler
Val Geisler, Klaviyo
Portrait of Yarimee Gutierrez
Yarimee Gutierrez, Klavyio


This year we have 15 sessions and 6 workshops that touch on topics like customer experience, SEO, business development, and extending WooCommerce.

Every session brings a valuable lesson and perspective to the table, so you should make time to watch them all.

WooSesh – Day 01

October 12, 2021

16:00 UTC

Meet & Greet in Slack

All Attendees
16:15 UTC

Opening Remarks

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host
16:30 UTC

An Introduction to the Behemoth that is WooCommerce

Portrait of Christina Gwira Christina Gwira Founder, NOYADESIGNS Inc

While a popular choice to get started in the world of business online, using and managing an online store on the plugin is no small feat. In this session, attendees will go through some of the ways to maximize the plugin. We will touch upon setting up shipping as well as how to use the plugin to deliver digital downloads. We will also go through how to make better product pages for customers.

17:00 UTC

Hey, Must be the Money!

Portrait of Beka Rice Beka Rice Sr. Dir. of Product Management, GoDaddy

Let’s talk about advanced online payment processing features you can leverage to increase conversions, open new markets, and drive growth in your bottom line. Discover how to unify online and in-person sales as we show the basics of using point-of-sale terminals, card readers, and pay-in-store for online orders.

17:30 UTC

WooCommerce Payments: Powering Payments in 2022

Portrait of Britni McCotter Portrait of David Levin Britni McCotter & David Levin Payment Operations & Product Lead, WooCommerce

Check back soon for the complete description.

17:45 UTC

WooCommerce and WooExperts: Winning Together

Portrait of Mary Voelker Portrait of Craig Cohen Mary Voelker & Craig Cohen Agency Program Manager & Chief Revenue Officer, WooCommerce

Check back soon for the complete description.

18:00 UTC

When Owned is All You Have: How Popular CBD Brand Tonic Grows Their Business Despite Marketing Regulations

Portrait of Val Geisler Portrait of Brittany Carbone Val Geisler & Brittany Carbone Customer Evengelism, Klaviyo & Founder, Tonic

In an industry heavily dependent on paid advertising and 3rd party data, how do online merchants adapt their marketing strategy for impending privacy changes to iOS and Google? In this fireside chat, we sit down with a brand who’s often been restricted from paid advertising and use of synthetic profiles, online CBD Merchant, Tonic. Join Klaviyo’s Val Geiser as she asks Tonic Founder, Brittany Carbone, to uncover the Owned marketing optimizations every brand should adopt in this new era of data privacy.

18:30 UTC

6 Proven Ways to Make More Sales with WooCommerce

Portrait of Kathy Zant Kathy Zant Content Marketing, Ninja Forms

It has never been easier to set up an eCommerce website and start selling products from your own storefront! However, once that WooCommerce store is up and running, your job is only half complete.

Now, it's time to make some sales by finding new customers and encouraging repeat purchases from previous customers. For new business owners, this can often be even more difficult than building the store to begin with as sales and marketing are often a challenge.

In this presentation, we're going to review six proven ways that you can make more sales on your WooCommerce store that will help you build and grow your business. These are easy, actionable steps that any WooCommerce store owner can take immediately to begin making an impact on their bottom line.

19:00 UTC

3 eCommerce Content Tips to Increase Sales

Portrait of Lindsay Halsey Lindsay Halsey Co-founder, Pathfinder SEO

Are you looking to grow traffic to your WooCommerce site from Google? Invest in content expansion. Join this session to learn 3 easy to implement content marketing tips for your eCommerce site. And good news, blogging isn't one of them. We focus instead on your homepage and product category pages to drive high-quality traffic that converts.

19:30 UTC

Driving Revenue Growth with Post-Purchase Offers

Portrait of Chris Lema Chris Lema General Manager, LearnDash

Chris will offer multiple strategies different ways to drive the Average Order Value (AOV) up with post-purchase offerings. He'll also share different tools you can use with your WooCommerce store.

20:00 UTC

Closing Remarks for Day 01

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host
WooSesh – Day 02

October 13, 2021

16:00 UTC

Meet & Greet in Slack

All Attendees
16:15 UTC

Opening Remarks

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host
16:30 UTC

Live Commerce meets WooCommerce – a Case Study

Portrait of Muhammad Muhsin Muhammad Muhsin Sr. React Engineer, rtCamp

Rocky Mountain Sewing and Moore’s Sew are two businesses in Colorado and California focused on the art of sewing. Their eCommerce presence was virtually nonexistent before COVID hit in March 2020.

This talk is a story of how we boosted sales from their WooCommerce stores by over 200x within a year. While we were at it, we created a unique solution using WooCommerce, Gatsby, Firebase, and more to create an interactive live commerce experience for the store customers.

This live commerce experience enhanced sales for the store owners and what started off as a single online demo went on to become a series of live commerce events garnering nationwide sales for the retailer.

By the end of this talk you will have a better understanding of the endless possibilities available with WooCommerce.

More about live commerce: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-digital/our-insights/its-showtime-how-live-commerce-is-transforming-the-shopping-experience

17:00 UTC

10 Simple WooCommerce Code Hacks – in a Good Way!

Portrait of Marcus Burnette Marcus Burnette Marketing Specialist, GoDaddy

One of the best arguments for using WooCommerce is its endless extensibility. See ten examples of ways that you can quickly hook into WooCommerce to make simple tweaks to your store’s content and functionality.

17:30 UTC

5 Revenue Boosting Tactics for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Portrait of Daniel Espinoza Daniel Espinoza Founder, Grow Development

What’s better than a one time sale? Subscription sales!

What’s better than subscription sales? Higher order total subscription sales!

You’ve worked hard to develop a subscription business, now Daniel will show you five ways to increase order total and reduce customer churn.

18:00 UTC

Two Ways to Grow Your Brand with Reviews

Portrait of Meg MacCune Meg MacCune US Director of Customer Success, Trustpilot

If you are looking to grow your brand, reviews on your site are a great way to do so. In this session, Meg MacCune, Director of Customer Success US at Trustpilot, will walk through two ways to make the most out of your reviews: utilizing social proof and building an online reputation strategy.

18:30 UTC

Unlocking WooCommerce: Composable Solutions for Scalability and Performance

Portrait of Pat Ramsey Portrait of Adam Buckeridge Portrait of Lee Trotter Pat Ramsey, Adam Buckeridge, and Lee Trotter Crowd Favorite & Bold Commerce

WooCommerce is fantastic for online retailers. The statistics show it is the top solution for eCommerce, but are there ways for it to grow along with your brand? When your business outgrows that solution, are you forced to change platforms? The answer may be different than what you have guessed.

We will discuss ways in which we are tackling the most common issues tech and marketing teams face when it comes to scaling, growing, and sustaining an online eCommerce platform with WooCommerce.

Don’t replatform just yet! We have the keys to help you unlock the secret potential of WooCommerce!

Technology is always changing. Since the pandemic, eCommerce has exploded as people flipped from in-person shopping to online and the technology direction that seems to be growing the fastest is integrations: the idea of taking different services that do their jobs extremely well and marrying them together using APIs to create a whole - this composable solutions approach is one we see over and over again. It’s an approach that anyone can use and this talk will show how Crowd Favorite and Bold are exploring this approach together.

Attendees will learn specific tactics they can implement to optimize WooCommerce for their business. Specifically, we will highlight example case studies around Growth, Performance, Security, Integrations, Personalization, and more! Coming from experience, we are here to show you exactly how you can unlock the potential of WooCommerce today!

19:00 UTC

The 2021 Holiday Planning Guide: what retailers can do now to prep from the Q4 rush

Portrait of Matthew Hammond Matthew Hammond Sr. Sales Manager, Avalara

The holiday season is make-or-break for many retailers, with many merchants preparing all year for the big Q4. This session will look at how merchants are applying the lessons learned in 2020 to prepare for the 2021 holiday season. We’ll look at strategies retailers are implementing ahead of the season, including everything from essential shopping cart services to omnichannel shifts as shoppers return to stores.

19:30 UTC

Build, Test, and Manage your Stripe Integration from the Terminal

Portrait of CJ Avilla CJ Avilla Developer Advocate, Stripe

Learn how to use the Stripe CLI to build better integrations faster—directly from your terminal. You’ll be able to make API calls, trigger webhook events, and even test local webhook handlers without third party tunneling software.

20:00 UTC

Closing Remarks for Day 02

Portrait of Brian Richards Brian Richards Event Host

In-Depth Workshops October 14th & 15th

This year we have added 6 in-depth workshops to provide you hands-on practice to what you're learning.

Each workshop is anticipated to last roughly 1-2 hours inclusive of all instruction, activities, discussions, and breaks. All times shown in your local timezone.

An Introduction to WooCommerce

Portrait of Christina Gwira Christina Gwira Founder, NOYADESIGNS Inc October 14th 2021, 14:00 (UTC)
WooCommerce is a popular choice to start selling online but using and managing an online store is no small feat. In this workshop, we'll cover recommendations to help you maximize your use of WooCommerce. We'll look at what it takes to ship physical goods as well as how to deliver digital downloads. We'll talk about the importance of setting up the proper payment solutions AND how to make better product pages and purchase experience better for customers. By the end of the workshop you'll have a checklist and steps to follow to launch and maintain a successful WooCommerce store.

10 Secrets for Setting Up Your Store Like a Pro

Portrait of Tiffany Bridge Tiffany Bridge Product Manager, Nexcess October 14th 2021, 16:00 (UTC)
Save time, money, and heartache by building and enhancing your WooCommerce store like a seasoned pro! Tiffany Bridge will spill the secrets people pay big money for when creating their site, giving you immediately actionable updates anyone — regardless of their level of experience — can do to improve your performance, security, and style today.

(Shopping from) Home for the Holidays

Portrait of Marcus Burnette Marcus Burnette Marketing Specialist, GoDaddy October 14th 2021, 18:00 (UTC)
Online shopping has continued to grow year over year for nearly a decade and - amid a global pandemic - it saw its largest increase last year in 2020. Your customers expect you to be online, but are you ready to handle the demand? From the essentials of taking payments and shipping, to security, to your marketing efforts, learn which processes you need to have in place to be prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

Simple Tips & Tools to Build Your Brand’s Trust

Portrait of Meg MacCune Portrait of Allie Mapupin Meg MacCune & Allie Maupin US Dir of Customer Success & Customer Success Manager, Trustpilot October 15th 2021, 14:00 (UTC)
Reviews help foster a sense of community. More reviews also means a clearer picture of how your consumers feel about your brand. Join us to learn how consumers' trust in brands has recently changed, and leave with an actionable roadmap for building both trust and lasting relationships with your customers.

When Owned is All you Have, Cont.: The How-To Behind Tonic's Growth

Portrait of Tristan Miller-Dannelongue Portrait of Yarimee Gutierrez Tristan Miller-Dannelongue & Yarimee Gutierrez Product Manager & Customer Success Manager, Klaviyo October 14th 2021, 16:00 (UTC)
In this session we deep dive into how the changes across iOS and Google came to be, and the overall effect it will have on your marketing strategy long term. This workshop will give you concrete steps to take to mimic Tonic success by optimizing your owned marketing channels.

Sales Tax Planning for Holiday 2021: Five Steps to Stay Compliant

Portrait of Matthew Hammond Matthew Hammond Sr. Sales Manager, Avalara October 15th 2021, 18:00 (UTC)

The holiday season is make-or-break for many retailers, with many merchants preparing all year for the big Q4. This session will look at how merchants are applying the lessons learned in 2020 to prepare for the 2021 holiday season. We’ll look at strategies retailers are implementing ahead of the season, including everything from essential shopping cart services to omnichannel shifts as shoppers return to stores.

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Who should attend WooSesh?

Anyone whose business is built on WooCommerce could benefit from WooSesh, but the ideal attendees are freelancers, agencies, and other designers or developers working with WooCommerce on a daily basis. That includes folks writing code, sales and marketing teams working with clients, and project managers.

If you're a shop owner whose store runs WooCommerce you'll find several great sessions for you, too!

What's included with my ticket?

All tickets includes access to two full days of presentations, two full days of workshops, the WPSessions Slack for event Q&A, and all of our excellent swag.

If I can't make it, can I watch a recording?

Yes! All sessions are being recorded and will be made available to WPSessions Members after the live event has concluded.

Please note that while we've made arrangements to broadcast the entire event for free to live attendees, the recordings are only available to paying members. Even still, you'll be able to access recordings worth hundreds of dollars apiece for as little as $15 USD.

Learn more at WPSessions

Does WooSesh have a Code of Conduct?

But wait, there's more! We also have...

The Hallway Track™

No good conference is complete without the opportunity to chat and network with your peers. WooSesh includes multiple built-in opportunities for you to connect with other attendees, talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe.


Virtual Swag

No, we won't have any stickers, pins, or t-shirts, but we will have plenty of useful gifts for every WooSesh attendee! We've made special arrangements with many awesome companies in the WordPress space to provide exclusive digital swag. Look for more details on some of the goodies later...

Watch Past Events

There have been so many great presentations on WordSesh that it would be criminal to make a list of favorites. Instead, here are just a few recent sessions.

You can watch the recordings from all past WooSesh events right now on WPSessions.

WooSesh, a WPSessions Event

For the past eight years, WPSessions has been recruiting remarkable presenters to teach what they know.

WPSessions is home to nearly 200 hours of exclusive content to help you write better code, find better clients, and deliver better projects.

If you're hungry for WooCommerce training, and two full days of WooSesh just isn't enough for you, WPSessions is ready feed that desire year-round.