A four-day virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders that will help grow your business.

Join us LIVE on Oct 12-15, 2021!

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What's WooSesh?

WooSesh is a live, virtual conference for WooCommerce store builders. Each event is highly curated to provide you with the absolute best possible experience.

Every presenter has been hand-picked and each topic is selected to complement or build on the others.

Best yet, every presentation is recorded and published to WPSessions after the live event has ended. This means you can watch everything no matter when you're available.

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4 Days

20 Speakers

12 Sessions

5 Workshops

$799 Free!

Why attend WooSesh?

If you regularly work with WooCommerce in your business, there are several presentations at WooSesh for you.

We have curated a speaker and session line-up that is designed to help grow your business in the year ahead. From project scoping, to troubleshooting, to improving customer experience and site performance, the talks at WooSesh will help you do better work and be more effective with your time.

At WPSessions, we care deeply about helping good people do great things. This entire conference is an extension of that commitment. We hope that you'll join us. Let's do great things together!

Past Speakers

We're working on speaker selection for 2021. In the meantime, have a look at some of the past speakers to grace our stage!

Hallway Track

No good conference is complete without the opportunity to chat and network with your peers. WooSesh includes multiple built-in opportunities for you to connect with other attendees, talk shop, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe.


Virtual Swag

No, we won't have any stickers, pins, or t-shirts, but we will have plenty of useful gifts for every WooSesh attendee! We've made special arrangements with many awesome companies in the WordPress space to provide exclusive digital swag. Look for more details on some of the goodies later...

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Who should attend WooSesh?

Anyone whose business is built on WooCommerce could benefit from WooSesh, but the ideal attendees are freelancers, agencies, and other designers or developers working with WooCommerce on a daily basis. That includes folks writing code, sales and marketing teams working with clients, and project managers.

If you're a shop owner whose store runs WooCommerce you'll find several great sessions for you, too!

What's included with my ticket?

All tickets includes access to two full days of presentations, two full days of workshops, the WPSessions Slack for event Q&A, and all of our excellent swag.

If I can't make it, can I watch a recording?

Yes! All sessions are being recorded and will be made available to WPSessions Members after the live event has concluded.

Please note that while we've made arrangements to broadcast the entire event for free to live attendees, the recordings are only available to paying members. Even still, you'll be able to access recordings worth hundreds of dollars apiece for as little as $15 USD.

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Does WooSesh have a Code of Conduct?

Watch Past Events

There have been so many great presentations on WordSesh that it would be criminal to make a list of favorites. Instead, here are just a few recent sessions.

You can watch the recordings from all past WooSesh events right now on WPSessions.

Thank our Sponsors

This live event is 100% free for you to attend thanks to our incredible, supportive sponsors. Make sure you take a moment to tell them "thank you" personally!

WooSesh, a WPSessions Event

For the past eight years, WPSessions has been recruiting remarkable presenters to teach what they know.

WPSessions is home to nearly 200 hours of exclusive content to help you write better code, find better clients, and deliver better projects.

If you're hungry for WooCommerce training, and two full days of WooSesh just isn't enough for you, WPSessions is ready feed that desire year-round.